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Patriotic Send-Off For Westminster Society Resident

October 30th, 2014

The staff at E.A Langley recently arranged a very special funeral for a long term resident of the Westminster Society, a charity established some 50 years ago to look after the residents of Westminster with learning difficulties.

But this was no ordinary funeral, the resident was into glamour, hats, handbags and anything Lilac, not to mention the patriotism, the love of Christmas and beads.

Paul Bye, District Manager for E.A Langley arranged the funeral alongside the resident branch arranger and all of the criteria were worked into the arrangements.

Flowers were replaced by hats and Christmas trees, the coffin was made to order with handbags and beads emblazoned down the side and the hearse was specially ordered with a Union Flag covering the paintwork and even enhanced with red, white and blue balloons!

Although unusual to go to such lengths, it is now becoming more acceptable to add personal touches to loved ones funeral arrangements. The Westminster Society commented,
“Once again, thank you for delivering a funeral which truly represented our resident and helped us celebrate her life.  We know that each time we bring something new to you, you always manage to support us and make sure we get the balance right.  It is reassuring to know that when we do lose someone, we can always trust you.”