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Note of Thanks From Macmillan

November 1st, 2012

Hannah Redmond of Macmillan Cancer Support took time out last week to write a letter of thanks to Jason Jackson of E.A.Langley Funeral Directors for the funds raised at the branch during The World’s Biggest Coffee Morning.

More than £150 was raised on the day to the delight of Jason and the team, and they were thrilled to receive such a wonderful commendation from the charity.

“Dear Mr. Jackson,
You are wonderful! You really are. Your coffee morning at E.A. Langley Funeral Directors raised £154.60 on the day.
That’s a fantastic amount of Macmillan time, to give people affected by cancer, and their families – some really good people in their corner: a nurse to support them through treatment; an expert on the end of the phone; a volunteer to help with everyday things.
Because you made time for what really matters with the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning, others won’t be going through cancer alone.
With my thanks and warmest wishes to you and everyone who helped to make E.A. Langley Funeral Director’s World’s Biggest Coffee Morning such a success. By making time to get together, you’ve helped sustain others too.
I hope you really enjoyed it. “

Hannah Redmond
Macmillan Cancer Support